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Applications for enrollment in FGA Bible College should be submitted to the Principal's Office. Admission is secured on the basis of below mentioned criteria, in addition to the approval of FGA Educational Committee. The first three months for every student will be considered probation period.


Diploma of Theology

FGA Bible College offers a two-year Diploma of Theology. Diploma level studies provide students a solid foundation for practical Christian ministry. On completion of Diploma, students can continue for a third year to earn a Bachelor of Theology (BTh).

Bachelor of Theology

Bachelor of Theology (BTh) is a 3-year program aimed to develop skills in Biblical interpretation and South Asian Church History. It advances the foundation laid in the Diploma program to hone skills to preach and teach in churches, and to communicate the gospel in missional settings.

Master of Divinity

FGA Bible College offers a distinctive English-only Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree by dissertation. The MDiv is administered in conjunction with the UK Advisory Board for Christian Studies, and overseen by Rev. Dr. Hugh Osgood. Students can be based in Pakistan or abroad.

Admissions Calendar

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